Stabilink® Spinal Fixation

Creature and Enginuity Works collaborated with Southern Spine to design the instrumentation for their Stabilink® MIS Spinal Fixation System, designed for spinal fusion procedures in patients with degenerative disc disease or traumas. This 2-part tool allows the surgeon to precisely locate each half of the spinal implant between the spinous processes. After implant positioning, the 2 halves link and become an all-in-one instrument that the surgeon compresses to finalize implantation.

This design eliminates the need for bulky secondary compressor tools, resulting in a smaller incision size and reduced blood loss/tissue trauma. Surgeons have praised the ease of use of the instrument, which has shortened the procedure duration and accelerated the adoption rate of the new system.

The Stabilink® System won a 2015 Silver Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA).