MedShape Eclipse

We worked with MedShape to design this award-winning deployment device for their innovative Eclipse Soft Tissue Anchor. The shape-memory anchor is used to attach a tendon or ligament to bone, typically used in shoulder, knee, wrist, and ankle procedures. The surgeon inserts the sheath into the prepared tunnel, and uses multiple pulls of the handle to push the insert into the sheath, expanding it to secure the tendon.

Our design reduces the force required, providing the surgeon with a reliable and precisely-controlled method to deploy the anchor. The rear knob enables the gun handle to be rotated independently of the anchor, giving

the surgeon the freedom to switch hands or re-position to a more ergonomic position without disturbing the ideal anchor orientation. When ready to deploy, the surgeon simply flicks the trigger lock, eliminating the risk of accidental deployment while positioning. The sutures are securely held on the top suture cleat until needed.

Medshape reports that sales of the system have been “phenomenal”, and its design has allowed them to leverage the same handle design across a wide range of implant sizes and surgical procedures, reducing product development and tooling costs.