Crock-Pot Entertaining System

Over the years we have continually worked with Jarden Consumer Solutions (now Newell) to reinvent the traditional Crock-Pot brand to be more relevant to consumers. We’ve created several products focusing on users who love to entertain and want to keep a variety of foods hot for the duration of the party. The Hook Up system has an innovative connectable docking plug that allows users to dock multiple crock-pots together, eliminating tangled cords, saving counter space, and creating a sleek presentation.

We made it easy for users to store multiple crockpots by designing them to stack on top of each other. Our “platform approach” means that parts are shared between product SKUs, allowing Crock-Pot to offer a wide variety of unique crock shapes, unit sizes, and color combinations while minimizing tooling and development costs.

The Hook-Up Crock-Pot system re-invigorated a sluggish market segment, raised profit margins for Jarden, and continues to be a strong seller in the market, spawning several imitators.